The Crystal-Clear Truth About Swarovski Crystals

January 24, 2022

Born in Bohemia in the year 1862 to a family that owned a crystal-cutting company, Daniel Swarovski fell in love with the trade. He created his own crystal cutting machine, forming a jewellery company that has thrived successfully for over a century. 

They are Rare, Unique Crystals.

Daniel Swarovski’s crystals were truly unique in that they had a rare thing to offer, something that is as beautiful as a diamond yet not as expensive. Although they have a convincing imitation like real diamonds, they are not. These crystals are cut with immense precision and modelled in a way to maximize their brilliance. 

Contrary to his competitors, Swarovski never marketed his glass crystals as diamonds and was always open about the crystals being an imitation of diamonds. This honesty worked to his advantage and Swarovski crystals went on to become a big hit in the massed.

They are made of extremely high-quality crystal glass.

Throughout the 100-year journey since the inception of the brand, Swarovski has maintained consistency in terms of top-quality full-cut crystals, expertly faceted and polished to show every spark of brilliance. The Swarovski women watches and jewellery pieces manufactured are top-notch and can be styled with almost any outfit a lady wishes to wear. As compared to other glass jewellery, Swarovski jewellery is made of extremely high-quality crystal glass. The high-quality crystals come from a very uniform structure which offers the Swarovski crystals amazing clarity.

They are incredible decorative ornaments

The Swarovski crystals not only add flair to a person’s looks but also make amazing decorations. In the Swarovski Palace collection, you’ll find classic lighting, art and design decorated with crystals. Special enough to be a part of the interior of a palace, whilst still respecting the classic traditions of chandeliers etc. The Oscars Award 2018 witnessed one of the most outlandish achievements of Swarovski as it stole the night with brilliance and glamour adorning the stage beautifully with 45 million crystals.

time to pick out yours? Sparkle effortlessly and make your own style statement with Swarovski necklaces, earrings, rings and more. Add a luxurious touch to your space and bring it to life by adorning it with beautiful Swarovski crystal ornaments. Ignite your dreams this new year with Swarovski.

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